Prashant Shivaram Bhat

Position: Research Assistant
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Phone: +49 (0) 681/302-64766

Prashant Shivaram Bhat is scientific assistant to the Chair in Business Administration especially Information and Service Systems (ISS) at Saarland University. For his master's thesis, he focused on "Recommendation system for Technology Enabled Learning' using machine learning strategies"

Research Interests

At the moment Prashant contributes to the project "F-Predict", particularly with software-development.

All Publications:


Bhat, P.S , Shcherbatyi, I., Maass, W.

Automated Learning of User Preferences for Selection of High Quality 3D Designs, 29th CIRP Design Conference, 2019, Procedia CIRP 84, pp. 814-819.
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