Maxx Richard Rahman

Position: Research Associate
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Maxx Richard Rahman is scientific assistant to the Chair in Business Administration especially Information and Service Systems (ISS) at Saarland University.

Short Biography

Maxx completed his master’s degree in particle physics at University of Bonn. In his research, he analysed the data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN by using machine learning techniques. He wrote his master’s thesis on “Search for vector-like quarks using boosted topologies”.

Research Interests

Maxx’s research area is data analysis, artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning and natural language processing. He is currently working on the detection of EPO doping among athletes using machine learning.

Contact person for the following lectures (current term):

  • Data Science

  • Informationsmanagement

  • Seminar Quantencomputing im FinTechbereich

  • Seminar Resilienz-Management von Produktionsunternehmen