Martin Jungmann

Position: Research Assistant

Martin Jungmann is research assistant at the chair in Information and Service Systems (ISS), faculty of Business Administration, Saarland University, Germany.

Short Biography

Martin Jungmann is research associate at chair in information and service systems (ISS) at Saarland University. In 2003, Martin worked as an apprentice and as a consumer consultant at Bank 1 Saar eG in Saarbrücken. After gathering some practical experience, particular in investments, he left his entrepreneur and started his Bachelor studies of Business Administration at Saarland University. His thesis was about Benoît Mandelbrot, a French-American mathematician and his ideas about financial markets. The subsequent consecutive master program “Economics, Finance and Philosophy” with stronger focus on applied economics and statistical methods was finished in 2014. In his master thesis, he tried to explain and decompose a measure for short-time overreactions on financial markets and assets through statistical methods and models. Martin worked during his studies as a teaching assistant for mathematics and statistics.

Currently, Martin is a research member of the EIT ICT Labs program DA4RBI – Data Analytics for Retail Business Intelligence. His particular research focus lies on the impact of consumers´ velocity on its visual awareness while moving through brick and mortar stores. To collect unbiased data, consumers will be equipped with multiple sensors, e.g., eye-tracking systems. The resulting data will be gathered in a natural shopping environment and subsequently analysed by complex statistical methods to reveal the consumers´ visual awareness of certain products.

Selected Publications: