Julian R. Eichhoff

Position: Research Assistant
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On appointment via email.

Julian Eichhoff works as scientific assistant at the Research Center for Intelligent Media (RCIM). His main research is focused on methods of machine learning and reasoning, pattern recognition and digital image processing. Collaborating in the project RESPOND his current work is in line with the preceding research of his bachelor thesis and master's degree at Furtwangen university.

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Eichhoff, J. R. & Maass, W.

Functional Design Space Representations for Lead Qualification Situations, Fifth International Conference on Design Computing And Cognition, 2012.
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Eichhoff, J. R. & Maass, W.

Distributed Imprecise Design Knowledge on the Semantic Web, 7th Int. Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web (URSW 2011), 2011, pp. 101-104.
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Eichhoff, J. R. & Maass, W.

Representation and Reuse of Design Knowledge: An Application for Sales Call Support, 15th Int. Conf. on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Inf. & Eng. Systems (KES2011), Kaiserslautern, 2011, pp. 387–396.
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