Web Technologies (WT15/16), Bachelor

Semester: WS 2015/2016
Study Courses: Information Systems (BSc)
Credit Points: 6 CP
Contact person: Mayur Bhamborae


Contents of the lecture include basics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX. Furthermore there will be an overview of classical databases and NoSQL databases. Angular JS and XML/XQuery/xPath as well as XSLT will be introduced as well as the area of semantic data representations with lower-case semantics, Web Ontology Language (OWL), Reasoning and rule-based inferencing. Big new topic of the lecture will be Data Science. All topics of the lecture will be practically applied by the student.

Dates and Rooms


Relevant literature is listed in slides.


General information

  • Composition of lecture: lecture (2 SWS) and exercise (2 SWS)
  • Language of lecture: English
  • max. number of participants: 15
  • Start of lecture: CW 43
  • End of lecture: CW 51
  • Organisational lecture: Friday, 23.10. (CW 43), 10:15 am, room: Room 0.01, C3 1
  • CW 44-46: lecture days, i.e. Friday, 08:30 am - 16:30 pm, Room 0.01, C3 1
  • CW 47-51: exercise together with participants of lecture "Value Engineering", Room 0.26, B4 1


  • "An App in a Month"
  • Development of an app based on taught technologies within a month based on a design method
  • Interdisciplinary teams consisting of participants of Value Engineering and Web Technologies
  • 2 "An App in a Month"- days: Friday, 20.11. and 27.11. (09:00 am - 17:00 pm), Room 0.26, B4 1
  • Preliminary presentations of project teams: Friday, 04.12. (09:00 am - 12:00 pm), Room 0.26, B4 1
  • Final presentations of project teams: Friday, 18.12. (09:00 am - 12:00 pm), Room 0.26, B4 1


Number of participants is restricted to 15. Please apply for participation here. Afterwards, your participation will be confirmed or not and you will be able to enter the lecture space on the ISS learning platform. Registration will close at 13th of November. For the exam, please register via VIPA.


The lecture covers a module test consisting of an exam (120 minutes) and the review of the exercise. The module grade is composed as follows: 60% exam, 40% exercise.