Product-Service Information Systems (ProSIS12/13), Master

Semester: WS 2012/2013
Study Courses: Wirtschaftsinformatik Master (PO 2002, PO 2009), Betriebswirtschaftslehre Master (PO 2010), Wirtschaft und Recht Master (PO 2010), Wirtschaftspädagogik Master (PO 2010)
Credit Points: 4 SWS/6 ECTS
Contact person: Sabine Janzen


  • Design Science in Information Systems
  • Nature of Products
  • New Product Development
  • Nature of Services
  • New Service Development
  • Nature of Product-Service Systems
  • Product-Service Information Systems
  • Designing Product-Service Systems
  • Empirical Evaluation of Product-Service Systems
  • Advanced Topics: Design Science of PSS

Dates and Rooms


References will be listed in the slide set of each lecture. The basic literature of the whole lecture covers the following books:

  • Ulrich, K. & Eppinger, S., Product Design and Development, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2007.
  • Maglio, P. P., Kieliszewski, C. A., Spohrer, J. C. (eds.): Handbook of Service Science (Service Science: Research and Innovations in the Service Economy), Springer, 2010.


General information

  • Composition of lecture: lecture (2 SWS) and exercise (2 SWS)
  • Language of lecture: German (slides in English)


The exercise concept in ProSIS covers a combination of input sessions, web-based tests, teamwork and workshops. The following topic are focused: (1) Design Science, (2) New Product Development, (3) Designing Product-Service Systems, and (4) Evaluation of Product-Service Systems. The exercise has a duration of 13 weeks; 7 appointments are declared as exercises where all participants have to be present. Overall, there are 7 exercise that have to be prepared by oneself, as team work or web-based test until the given deadline. The exercises will be reviewed and settled to a grade that will represent 20% of the module grade.

Topic: Design Science

  • CW 44 (3rd week of semester): Activation Exercise 1 (single work)
  • CW 45: Exercise Slam - Presentation of results of Exercise 1 (Presence)

Topic: New Product Development

  • CW 47: Bistrot Scientifique "New Product Development" (Presence); Activation Exercise 2 (single work)
  • CW 48: Activation Exercise 3 (team work)
  • CW 49: Exercise Slam - Presentation of results of Exercise 3 (Presence)

Topic: Designing Product-Service Systems

  • CW 50: Bistrot Scientifique "Semantics" (Presence); Activation Exercise 4 (single work)
  • CW 02: Activation Exercise 5 (team work) in context of tutorial "Designing Product-Service Systems" #1 (Presence)
  • CW 03: Tutorial "Designing Product-Service Systems" #2; Exercise Slam - Presentation of results of Exercise 5 (Presence)

Topic: Evaluation of Product-Service Systems

  • CW 04: Bistrot Scientifique "Evaluations in real life" (Presence); Activation Exercise 6 (single work)
  • CW 05: Activation Exercise 7 (team work)
  • CW 06: Exercise Slam - Presentation of results of Exercise 7 (Presence)


Please register here for the lecture including the exercise. The window for registration will be open from 1st of October until 31st of October, 2012. The number of participants will be limited.

Registration for the lecture in the ISS learning platform

Start and end of lecture

  • Start of lecture: 18.10.2012
  • End of lecture: 31.01.2013
  • Start of exercise: 01.11.2012
  • End of exercise: 07.02.2013


The lecture covers a module exam consisting of a test (120 minutes) and the evaluation of the exercise, prepared by oneself or in groups. The module grade is composed as follows: 80% test, 20% exercise. 7 appointments are declared as exercises where all participants have to be present. When a participant misses more than 2 presence exercise without submitting a medical certificate, the exercise was failed and will be reviewed by 5.0. Medical certificates have to be yielded to the secretary of chair ISS.