Management of Information Systems (Informationsmanagement) (IFM13), Bachelor

Semester: SS 2013
Study Courses: Business Informatics (Ba), Business Economics (Ba), Business and Law (Ba) Business Education (Ba)
Credit Points: 4 SWS / 6 CP
Contact person: Andreas Schorr


  • Tasks of managing information systems
  • Management of information systems
  • IT-controlling
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Architectures of information systems
  • Web architectures
  • Mobile and cloud computing
  • Data modeling
  • Semantic data representations
  • Process modeling
  • Guest lecture

Dates and Rooms


References are listed in the lecture slides.


General information

  • Structure of the course: lecture (2SWH) and exercise (2 SWH)
  • Language of the course: german, partially english


The lecture starts in the first week of lectures period (WN 16) and ends in the last week of lectures period (WN 30).


The exercises will not be realized in class-room based sessions, but via ISS Learning-Platform. The participants will have to possibility to learn and practice with interactive content according to selected parts of the lecture. This should enable the participants to study deeply and prepare the topics in an optimal way for their exams. Submitting the exercises is voluntary. The exercises will be evaluated automatically by the ISS Learning-Platform and they will be offset against a part modul grade.


Please register here for the lecture including the exercise. Registration for exam via VIPA.

Exam modalities

The course module is composed of an exam (120 minutes) as well as the evaluation of the exercises on the Learning-Platform. The module grade is composed as follows:

90% exam, 10% exercise. The exercise grade just comes into consideration if it is better than the exams grade. In the other case the exams grade is the final grade (100%).