Smart Products - Tiger

The Smart Product Tiger project was funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The goal of this project was the preparation of future research projects on national and international basis.

The projects SmAsh and ICE-Goods, which were sub-projects of SP-Tiger, built the base for the development of the Tip 'n Tell infrastructure. In both sub-projects, different aspects of the Smart Products idea were evaluated from a conceptual and technical perspective.

In SmAsh (Smart Fashion) we develop a mobile product communication environment in which customers can communicate with products (Smart Products) by navigating product information spaces across fashion product networks. The SmAsh technology is based on the Tip 'n Tell infrastructure and extends it by integration and inference services.

Within the project Interactive Consumer Goods (ICE-Goods) we focused on the realization of a technical infrastructure (Tip 'n Tell) for Smart Products. A mobile, digital shopping advisor for electronic consumer goods based on a semantic product description was developed. By connecting semantic product descriptions (SPDO) with real products via RFID technology a basically new form of intelligent products (Smart Products) was developed.

The prototypes developed within SP-Tiger will be enhanced as part of the project SmaProN.

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