Smart Production

Funding: Internal
Project Duration: March 2013 - December 2015
Project Budget: 12.000 Euro

How to integrate manufacturing data during production into the products for building up a digital product memory that enables reasoning about the status of the production line? An artificial memory for products makes it possible to get information about the product, the manufacturing process and the status of machines involved in this process. Especially, data that gives information of the conditions in which the products get produced can represent an enormous utility for all entities of the whole product life cycle from the production and the transport up to usage through the end-consumer. The connections of product and manufacturing knowledge makes it possible to get information about the used materials, machines and production processes of one product instance which are by far more detailed as information gained from Enterprise-Ressource-Planning (ERP)-Systems. Even after leaving the production facility. For instance, the saved data can contribute in manufacturing to efficiently analyze and correct production fault.

Auslesen eines Produktgedächtnisses einer Tasse Requesting product memory of a cup (source: Beicher, J. , 2013)

Furthermore, important knowledge can be gained about the state of the whole shop floor through processing information of the manufacturing process of several products. These aspects lead to immense challenges concerning the huge amount of data that arises through aggregation of product information. By means of parallel, distributed algorithms like Map/Reduce, an efficient analysis of massive product data is possible.

Analyse von massenhaften Fertigungsdaten zur Bestimmung des Zustands der Fertigungsstrasse Analysis of massive production data to determine the status of the shop floor (Source: Berres, M., 2013)


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