Smart Patient

Funding: Internal
Projektlaufzeit: March 2015 - December 2015
Projektbudget: 12.000 Euro


The constant detection of health data by Fitbit, Jawbone, Smart Watches and other sensors as well as the measurement of ambient values such as temperature, humidity, etc. provide valuable information on the health status and environment of a person over an extended period of time.

The analysis of the respective data, however, does not only allow the determination of the health status of a patient at a certain time, but will transform all areas of medicine as we know today. For example, the correlations between sleep deprivation and a high pulse or high blood pressure in relation to physical inactivity can be measured and analyzed constantly over an extended period of time. Moreover, chronic diseases can be better investigated and treated by constantly capturing and analyzing relevant data. In particular, predictive analytics, machine learning and other data science methods will allow the analysis of other interesting correlations. Certainly, rights management and data protection methods will play a central role in the above context. Hence, storing personal health data locally (with the patient himself) and properly protecting it from any undesired intrusions is considered as essential. Nevertheless, a smooth, safe and if desired temporary exchange of personal health data with the desired doctors should be faciliated.

Contact: Mayur Bhamborae