Retail Service Robotics

Funding: intern
Duration: Jan'18 - May'18
Budget: intern


Objective of the project “Retail Service Robotics” is the design and implementation of a service robot that is able to conduct sales dialogues with customers in a retail store. Both, customer and robot, have different motives for participating in the sales dialogue, e.g., searching for the best price or increasing revenue. Nonetheless, the robot has the ability – using the dialogue platform InSIDE - to find balance between selfishness, i.e. pursuing individual motives, and fair play, i.e. responding to anticipated motives of the customer for creating a dialogue perceived as fair. The ability to conduct dialogues is accompanied by the features: (1) welcome and farewell of customers, (2) presentation of distributed products in the store, (3) presentation of additional information, and (4) recognition of recurring customers.

The project was successfully presented at this years' Open House of Saarland University in the foyer of German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

pepper-tdot4.jpg pepper-tdot1.jpg
pepper-tdot2.jpg pepper-tdot3.jpg
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