more4less - Shopping Advisor at Point of Sale


The "more4less" prototype has been delevoped in the information technology research project and gives customers the possibility to get assistance in a buying decision process. By using the more4less terminal in a shop, in our case a fashion store, the customer has two main advantages in the decision process: on the one hand the advisor suggests additive products to complete an outfit. On the other hand the customer gets a dynamic discount for the system usage and the buying of product bundles.


All products in the shop are equiped with optical 2D-barcodes.These 2D-barcodes, then, inform the system about the product the customer is currently interested in. The advantage of this is that these 2D-barcodes can be printed with regular printers and thus they are particulary favorable und easy integratable in existing price marking systems. Furthermore, 2D-barcodes can hold a much higher amount of information than only the product ID as in case of regular EAN-13 barcodes. Thereby, on a voucher, several product IDs, dealer information, affiliate information and the date of purchase can be encoded for later complaints or new consulting sessions using more4less.

The customer receives additional product suggestions to complete an outfit when the system is being informed about a product or products a customer is interested in. These suggestions are evaluated by an especially for more4less developed price and bundle mechanism. A dynamically calculated total bundle price with discount is created as well. The prospective buyer can also hold multiple different bundle combinations and prices within the shopping cart by using the activate/deactive feature. In contrast to a regular shopping cart, you can exclude products from price calculation without removing them from the cart with this feature.

To give the customer the possibility to freely move through the store during an advisory-session the customer receives a personal 2D-barcode printed by the system at the first contact with the system. With this 2D-barcode the customer can continue the advisory-session at any terminal inside a shop.

more4less Screenshot

At the end of a shopping session the customer receives a voucher which also contains 2D-barcodes for each bought product and one tag which contains all products on the voucher. These barcodes enable the user to start a new advisory-session based on the product or products encoded in the 2D-barcode. The realization of dynamic discounts based on already bought products or across different affiliated chains are possible as well.


The more4less prototype is based on Flash/Flex, Java, Castor, Axis2 and optical QR codes. The customer communicates with the system via a touch screen display. The 2D-barcodes are recognized via a typical webcam.

Demo Video

The following video shows the more4less prototype.