The "Happy Plant"

Funding: Internal
Duration: July 2012 - December 2015
Project budget: 15.000 Euro

The “Happy Plant” is a smart sensor research project in the domain of Internet of Things. The plant is a consumer with needs who reacts to environmental changes. The Happy Plant monitors the soil moisture, temperature and relative humidity via specialized sensors.

Sensor values are being collected and processed by the smart sensor system which forecasts the values for the next hour and calculates the amount of water the plant is going to need. The system acts accordingly and waters the plant before it reaches a critical state. All sensor values and forecasts are pushed into a cloud for further analysis and archiving purposes.

The plant was chosen as a consumer for this project because it is a complex system but easily monitored. However, the plant can be replaced by any other type of consumer.

First Prototype Run

The first prototype of the “Happy Plant” project ran for a few weeks. Two sun flower pots were planted at the same time. One pot was controlled by the “Happy Plant” smart sensor and another was taken care of by a human.

First Prototype Pictures

Happy Plant vs. Unhappy Plant

Setup Overview

The Smart Sensor Hardware List

Related publications

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