DSCS - Data Science Center for Smart Services

Funding: intern
Duration: ab 04.2015
Budget: intern


DSCS - Data Science Center for Smart Services

Many research areas increasingly investigate innovative questions that try to leverage large amounts of data. This includes areas, such as healthcare, material sciences, physics, economics and many more. Currently research groups build and maintain their own data science infrastructures, train stundents on various levels in innovative methods of statistical learning, and set up research projects accordingly. In general but also in particular for groups at Saarland University, this process is slow, error-prone, and expensive.

The Data science Center for Smart Services (DSCS) starts with with the goal of becoming a core facility for research groups at Saarland University that investigate research from a data science perspective. DSCS intends to provide an open platform for rapidly building data-intensive applications (Smart Services). The software platform for data processing uses leading Open Source Software solutions, such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

The European Data Science Summer School (ED3S) has been conducted for the third time this year with PhD students from all over Europe and from various fields. It is intended to tightly connect ED3S and DSCS so that training is performed on high-end infrastructures.

Kontakt: Wolfgang Maaß