The Data science Center for Smart Services (DSCS) starts with with tzhe goal of becoming a core facility for research groups at Saarland University that investigate research from a data science perspective.

Funding: Internal

"Happy Plant" is a smart sensor research project for monitoring plants. The sensor values are processed and used to forecast the amount of water the plant will need. Furthermore, the values and forecasts are uploaded and evaluated in the cloud.

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The goal of the cross-border interdisciplinary project PathMate2 is the design and the evaluation of an IT-based high-outreach intervention for overweight children and teenagers.

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The objective of the research project SMARF is to create a manufacturer-independent and thus fully compatible network of machines in crop farming through service-platforms.

Funding: Internal

The Smart Patient is a research project analyzing continuously measured health related data such as steps, pulse and sleep in order to develop new ways for treating chronic diseases and monitoring the health status of a patient.

Funding: Internal

Objective of the project “Smart Production“ is the integration of massive production data in digital product memories that will be analyzed by means of parallel distributed algorithms in real time in order to draw conclusions regarding the status of the shop floor.