Smart Farming World@ CeBIT 2017

Project Smart Farming is presented at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover , DFKI stand in hall 6, stand B48. See the service use case nPotato and learn about the whole project. We already had many interested visitors, amongst others Johanna Wanka – Federal Minister for Education and Research and Timotheus Höttges - Chief Executive Officer Deutsche Telekom AG. See nPotato live at CeBIT until 24th of March!

IFM Tutorial in Winter term 16/17

February/March 2017

In upcoming Winter term, a [tutorial "Information Management"] will be offered as preparation for the exam in April, 2017.

The tutorial focuses on repetition of lecture contents as well as on preparing students for the re-exam in April 2017. It covers two parts: (1) virtual tutorial and (2) workshop tutorial.The virtaul tutorial will place on our homepage so that students can ask open questions about the learning content and the organisation. Furthermore there will be a new online exercise, which can voluntary finished. The workshop tutorial will be in the semester holidays WS 16/17 after the re-exam period (February and March 2017). We will focus on the realistic contents from IFM course and repeat them. To preparing for the re-exam the tutorial includes some example tasks. You will find the exact times on our homepage.

Regards for Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Time goes fast. After a long, exciting time with a lot of great projects, 2016 draws to a close. This is the time in the year to say thank you. The annual christmas party from the ISS Chair is a good opportunity to talk and exchange memories. Furthermore to say thank you to all the employees. This year the team went to Exit Games in Saarbrücken, which were characterized by combination skills and teamwork. After identifying the solutions of some mysteries, the team could talk about the year with a comfortable dinner.

The ISS Chair wishs Blessed Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to all co-operation partners, colleagues and students!

Prize Delivery


On 09.07.2016, Saarland University staged an Open Campus Day. Chair ISS invited everyone to participate in a fitness test. Now Walter Stephan obtained a coupon.

The ISS Chair participated at UdS Open Campus Day for introduce the current projects and to present SleeGr. Visitors could participate in different physical exercises. The participants received their individual fitness certificate and were able to win prizes. Walter Stephan is able to look forward to a coupon for the adventure park in Saarbrücken. Frau Dr. Roßmanith accepted the prize for Walter Stephan.

We thanks all participants and we are looking forward to the next Open Campus Day.

National IT Summit in Saarbrücken (16th/17th of November)


The National IT Summit will take place in Saarbrücken the 16th and 17th of November. Several federal ministers and the Chancellor Angela Merkel are expected to attend.

Interested students can attend the talks, which will be focussing on education and IT ("Digitale Bildung für alle! Digitales Lehren und Lernen entlang der lebenslangen Bildungskette"). These talks will take place on campus. The following day, the interested public is invited to watch the live streams of the talks in the "Haus der Ärzte" across the Congresshalle. You can find further information about the program and speakers here.

Tag der Wirtschaftsinformatik at the DFKI 25th of October


The 25th of October many students and pupils took the opportunity and attended the Tag der Wirtschaftsinformatik at the DFKI. The interested visitors listened to the presentations of the different information systems Chairs.

The prototype fair received equally a lot of attention. The ISS Chair presented the project SleeGR, which allows the user to measure and improve his or her individual fitness level.

Tag der Wirtschaftsinformatik


On the 25th of October, students and pupils have the opportunity to get to know the study program of information systems at the University of Saarland at the DFKI (Building D3 2).

At the event, each information system chair will discuss it's research and teaching focus. Participants can also attend a prototype fair where different projects of all information systems chairs will be presented. The ISS chair will demonstrate the SleeGR project. Detailed information about the program and prototypes can be found here.

Inspection of exams Informationsmanagement and Introduction into Data Science


The date for exam inspections for Informationsmanagement and Introduction into Data Science has been published.

The 24th of October from 10 to 12 o' clock, students may verify the results of their exams for Informationsmanagement (B4 1, 0.26). Please register for both exam inspection using this link.

The exam inspection for Introduction into Data Science takes place the 24th of October, from 12 to 2 o' clock in A5 3, 2.03.

Amicita award for Tobias Kowatsch's dissertation


Tobias Kowatsch, whose dissertation was supervised by Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Maaß, received the Amicitia-Award for the best doctoral thesis in economic sciences at the University of St. Gallen.

His dissertation «Emotions in Ubiquitous Information Systems: An Empirical Investigation of Electrodermal Activity and Its Relation to Service Breakdowns, Perceived Ease of Use, and Task Performance» focussed on the emotional experience of Ubiquitous Information System users. The ISS Chair warmly congratulates him!

3rd Data Science Summer School begins next week

September 2016

The 3. Data Science Summer School will take place the 26th-30th September 2016 at the Saarland University.

Only a few days left before the long anticipated 3rd Summer school will begin. Between the 26th and 30th of September doctoral researchers and advanced students will experience an intensive hands-on introduction to data science. The summer school addresses the need for future experts in data science that venture to solve big-data challenges with skills in business, science and computing – “a combination that is still hard to find” (cf. Mattmann, Nature 2013). The introduction will focus on basic but also advanced statistics and its application in business and healthcare situations. Lectures are combined with hands-on modules that will help the participants understand theoretical principles and how to apply them.

Winter term lectures


In the upcoming winter term 2016/17, students can attend the following online lectures: "Value Engineering" and "Dienstleistungsmanagement und Informationssysteme". Additionally, students can attend the tutorial for "Informationsmanagement".

Starting today, students can enroll for these classes using the Learning-platform.

September 2016

The 3rd Data Science summer school will take place from 26-30 September 2016 at Saarland University.

Registration is open !

The summer school is an intensive hands-on introduction to data science for doctoral researchers and advanced students. It addresses the need for future experts in data science that venture to solve big-data challenges with skills in business, science and computing – “a combination that is still hard to find” (cf. Mattmann, Nature 2013). We will introduce you to basic but also advanced statistics and its application in business and healthcare situations. Lectures are combined with hands-on modules that will help you to understand theoretical principles and how to apply them.

Registration for PhD and Master students: To register, please send a message with your name, your course of studies and your current semester to

Registration for professionals: To register, please send an application including CV and motivation letter until 15th of August, 2016 to

Inspection of Exam IFM

13th of June, 2016

Date for exam inspection "IFM" is published.

  • Inspection of Exam "IFM": Monday, 13th of June, 2016, 12-2 p.m., at ISS Chair, building A5 3, room 2.03, 2nd floor Please register under the following link:

26th of January, 2016

In upcoming Summer term, a new lecture for Master and PhD students discussing Data Science will be offered by chair ISS.

Organizations in industry and research use data for decision support and to build data-intensive products and services. The skill set required by organizations to support these processes has been covered by the term Data Science. Ranging from scalable data management, parallel algorithms, statistical modeling, and the handling of a complex ecosystem of tools and platforms to solve business problems, skills required for analytics of massive data touch a variety of disciplines. The course attempts to articulate the expected output of future Data Scientists and tries to equip participants with the ability to meet these expectations by giving them methodical how-to knowledge combined with answers to why- and when-questions. As one of the pitfalls of data analysis is attempting to solve the wrong problem, the lecture will also focus on the business side to illuminating how to solve business problems and how to address the correct data questions. Lectures of the course cover concepts and tools participants will need throughout the entire Data Science pipeline, starting with asking the right kind of questions for making inferences to communicating and visualizing results as well as transforming them into business models. In accompanying exercises introduced methods and algorithms will be applied practically, involving web programming, statistics, and the ability to manipulate data sets with code. In a final project work participants will apply all the skills learned by building up a data-intensive product or service for solving a concrete business problem with real-world data.

Registration for IFM Tutorial

January 2016

Registration for IFM tutorial in February and March 2016 is open.

The tutorial focuses on repetition of lecture contents as well as on preparing students for the re-exam in April 2016. It covers two parts: (1) virtual tutorial and (2) f2f workshop tutorial. Detailed information here.

Guest Lecture "Building a Social Network for Success"

11th of December, 2015

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl (University of Mannheim) When? Friday, 11th of December, 2015; 10:15 a.m. Where? Building C3 1, Room 0.01

This paper proposes a framework for studying how a brand, firm, or an individual can use networking activities to build up a social network and drive success. Using data from ego networks of music artists, the paper models how artists can enhance their social networking presence and stimulate relationships between fans to achieve long-term benefits in terms of music plays. The authors use a Bayesian modeling framework to model the heterogeneous and dynamic impact of networking activities on network structure and on music popularity, while relying on instrumental variables from another online social network to handle potential endogeneity. The results imply that artists can shape network structure via marketing activities and can thereby achieve a long-term impact on success that far exceeds the direct and short-term impact in magnitude. Specifically, improving the density of ego-networks enables long-term effects over and above those that stem from growth in network size. Furthermore, the relative effectiveness of activities and the efficient allocation of scarce resources can differ between the short- and the long-term.

PDF (1.70 MB)

25th of September, 2015

After 5 days full of Statistics, web data processing, machine learning, data visualization & co., the Data Science summer school will end today.

We would like to thank all speakers as well as the 20 national and international participants from diverse research fields for their contributions as well as for interesting discussions.

27th of October, 2015

Inspection of exam in "Informationsmanagement SoSe 2015" will take place at Tuesday, 27.10.15, 10-12 am. Please, register here.

February/March 2016

In upcoming Winter term, a tutorial "Information Management" will be offered as preparation for the exam in April, 2016.

Die Veranstaltung dient der Wiederholung des Inhaltes der IFM-Vorlesung sowie der Vorbereitung auf die bevorstehende IFM-Klausur im April 2016. Das Tutorium gliedert sich in zwei Abschnitte: ein virtuelles Tutorium und ein Präsenztutorium. Das virtuelle Tutorium wird über die Lernplattform des Lehrstuhls angeboten. Dort können im Forum offene Fragen zum Lehrstoff oder zur Organisation der Veranstaltung gestellt werden. Des Weiteren werden neue Onlineübungen veröffentlicht, die auf freiwilliger Basis bearbeitet werden können. Das Präsenztutorium findet in den Semesterferien des WS 15/16 nach dem Klausurzeitraum im Februar und März 2016 statt. Termine werden auf der Lernplattform veröffentlicht. In den Präsenzveranstaltungen wird, mit Schwerpunkt auf den Praxisteil, der Inhalt der IFM-Veranstaltung zur Klausurvorbereitung anhand von Beispielaufgaben wiederholt.

Winter term 15/16

With "An App in a Month" - a comprehensive exercise concept with interdisciplinary teams - in the upcoming term, Value Engineering meets Web Technologies.

Within a month, teams of VE and WT participants develop an app based on a design method by means of the taught technologies. This time, the lecture Web Technologies comes with new, up-to-date topics as Data Science, Machine Learning, Angular JS etc.

SNF and DFG funded follow-up project to fight childhood obesity


Prof. Wolfgang Maaß collaborates with colleagues from Switzerland to help support obese children, their parents and their physicians with modern technology in creating a healthier lifestyle.

The PathMate2 project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) and builds upon the results of the SNF-funded project PathMate. Computer scientists, engineers and medical experts are collaborating in this interdisciplinary project in order to develop an information system, which will allow obese children and their physicians to stay in touch. Some of the good intentions and plans made during on-site consultations are forgotten soon thereafter. It is therefore especially important that obese children make the right decisions in their lifestyle and diet in their everyday life. With the help of PathMate2, physicians will be able to analyze the data of their patients in real time, provide them with tips or challenges tailored to their needs, and thus motivate them to make healthier choices. The goals of the project are not only to improve the personal situation of the children and to lower the costs in health care in general. It is the explicit objective of the research team to make a significant contribution in the improvement of the quality of information systems in healthcare. The duration of the project is 2 ½ years.

The project consortium consists of the following partners:

ETH Zurich, Saarland University, University of St. Gallen (HSG), Kinderspital St. Gallen, University Hospital of Geneva (HUG)

September 2015

Prof. Wolfgang Maaß collaborates with other research institutions and companies in a nationwide project on Farming 4.0.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has selected 16 Projects to fund in the program “Smart Service World - web-based services for the economy”. Prof. Wolfgang Maaß (Chair in Information- and Service Systems) is participating in one of the projects. Saarland University is collaborating with RWTH Aachen, Telekom, Claas and Logic Way GmbH, amongst others, in the research project SMARF. SMARF is short for Smart Farming World; its goal is to create a manufacturer-independent and thus fully compatible network of machines in crop farming through service-platforms. Based on intelligent, technical systems and platforms, which are interconnected across company and manufacturer borders, and with the help of data aggregation and data analysis it becomes possible to provide the farmer with context-sensitive Smart-Services. The results will help increase the productivity in crop farming while at the same time help reduce the use of resources (seeds, fertilizer, energy). The duration of the project is 3 years with a total budget of just under 2,000,000 €.

July 2015

Prof. Maaß initiates new ERASMUS-Exchange with ITU University in Kopenhagen.

06. – 09. September 2015

Organized by Prof. Norbert Graf (Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes) the 3rd Summer School in Computational Oncology takes place at Schloss Dagstuhl from 06th-09th of September, 2015.

Im Bereich der computergestützten Onkologie (Computational Oncology) arbeiten erfahrene Kliniker, Biologen, IT-Spezialisten, Ingenieure sowie Juristen und Datenschutzexperten bei der Entwicklung von Tools, Infrastrukturen und IT-Services zusammen. Diese Anwendungen dienen der Unterstützung bei der Verarbeitung und Analyse großer Mengen von Patientendaten (klinische Daten, Bilddaten, histopathologische, molekulare und pharmakogenomische Daten), die in der modernen Krebstherapie für die Optimierung der individuellen Behandlung jedes Patienten unabdingbar sind.

Die vergleichsweise neue Subdisziplin der In-Silico Onkologie (Modulation/Simulation onkologischer Erkrankungen am Computer) beschreibt dabei das komplexe Zusammenspiel von Medizin, Biologie und Technologie mit dem Ziel, das Wachstum bösartiger Tumorzellen sowie die Reaktion von Tumorgewebe und gesunden Zellen auf verschiedene therapeutische Ansätze am Computer zu simulieren. Ansätze und Möglichkeiten klinischer Datenverarbeitung, Aspekte des Datenschutzes sowie interaktive Tools zum Datentransfer und Data Sharing spielen daher eine wichtige Rolle.

Das Forschungsprojekt CHIC vereint Mediziner, Mathematiker, IT- und Datenschutzexperten sowie Ingenieure aus 7 europäischen Ländern und den USA in ihrem gemeinsamen Ziel, eine sog. Hypermodel-Infrastruktur zu entwickeln, mit der sich prognostizierte Tumorwachstums- sowie Therapieverläufe bildlich am Computer darstellen lassen.

Gastgeber der diesjährigen Veranstaltung ist Professor Norbert Graf, Kinderonkologe am Universitätsklinikum in Homburg und weltweit anerkannter Pionier im Bereich personalisierter Medizin. Während der CHIC Sommerakademie erhalten Nachwuchsforscher das nötige Hintergrundwissen, um die Grundlagen der vielschichtigen Krebs-Modellierung am Computer zu verstehen. Außerdem bietet die Sommerakademie eine Plattform zum Teilen der eigenen Forschungsarbeit und zur Vernetzung mit Nachwuchswissenschaftlern und Experten anderer Forschungsdisziplinen. Der offizielle Call-for-Papers wird voraussichtlich im Frühsommer 2015 veröffentlicht.

July 2015

Young researchers present their projects on the Open Day at Saarland University.

What if your watch could inform you about potential health issues at an early stage? The main focus of the members at the Chair in Information and Service Systems is to connect digital worlds of the future with today's business and service world, thus creating space for innovation. At Saarland University's Open Day, young researchers will present their current projects on data analysis in heath care (mobile health), production processes of the future (smart production), and interactive lectures (smart student platform).



Saturday, 4th of July 11:00-11:30 am, 1:30-2:00 pm, and 3:30-4:00 pm


Building A5 3, Room 2.03

For more information on Saarland University's Open Day as well as the detailed program click here.

May 2015

... in September 2015 is open now. Detailed information here.

The summer school is an intensive hands-on introduction to data science for doctoral researchers and advanced students. Open places can be given to professionals. The registration fee for the summer school includes all sessions, lunch, coffee breaks and the social event. PhD students from Saarland University will get a co-funding of 50.00€ by the GradUS program of Saarland University. Some co-funding will also be available to help cover part of the attendance costs for non-Saarland University PhD students.

Registration for Master students To register, please send a message with your name, your course of studies and your current semester to Afterwards, you will receive a code to enrol to the course “Data Science Summer School 2015” under

Registration for PhD students To register, please send a message with your name, the research field of your thesis as well as the university and institute (with url) you are working at to Afterwards, you will receive a code to enrol to the course “Data Science Summer School 2015” under

Registration for professionals To register, please send an application including CV and motivation letter until 31st of July, 2015 to If you are accepted you will be notified until 15th of August, 2015. Afterwards, you will receive a code to enrol to the course “Data Science Summer School 2015” under

"Dear professor, I have a question..."

Summer 2015

Starting in the summer term 2015, participants of the lecture information management can interact with Prof. Maaß by means of the smart student service.

The communication between the students and the professor is bi-directional. During the lecture, students can post questions using their laptop or mobile device. Those questions will then be answered and discussed during the lecture by the professor. Furthermore, Prof. Maaß can ask multiple-choice questions through the platform. Those questions evaluate the understanding of the presented contents and help students to reflect on the discussed topics. Additionally they help the professor to assess the comprehensibility of his lecture.

The objective is to better integrate students into the lecture. Especially in bigger classes, students are very reserved and do not dare to ask questions. Therefore questioning is always anonymized.

During the next weeks a new update will also activate some kind of „mood barometer“ for the students. The „mood barometer“ should allow students not only to give feedback regarding the comprehensibility, but also evaluate interestingness of the presented contents. That information allows the professor to not only improve his lectures in real time, but also to enhance his presentations slides every year.

September 2015

The 2nd Data Science summer school will take place from 21-25 September 2015 at Saarland University.

Registration phase will be opened soon.

The summer school is an intensive hands-on introduction to data science for doctoral researchers and advanced students. It addresses the need for future experts in data science that venture to solve big-data challenges with skills in business, science and computing – “a combination that is still hard to find” (cf. Mattmann, Nature 2013). We will introduce you to basic but also advanced statistics and its application in business and healthcare situations. Lectures are combined with hands-on modules that will help you to understand theoretical principles and how to apply them.

Lectures in summer term 2015

Summer 2015

Registration for "Information Management" in upcoming Summer term is now open. "Innovation Management" will not take place on SoSe 2015.

"Information Management" consists of lecture and exercise (6 CP). Registration for exam via VIPA.

Exam Inspections WS 14/15

April 2015

Dates for inspection of exams of WT, DLM and VE are fixed.

  • WT - 22.04.2015 - 1-2 pm (please, register via email to Tom Michels (
  • DLM - 20.04.2015 - 10-12 am (please, register via email to Ruchi Dhiman (
  • VE - 23.04.2015 - 3-4 pm (please, register via email to Sabine Janzen (

Visionary architecture and product concepts ...

29th of January, 2015

... between architecture, design, computer science and research - guest lecture by Alessandro Quaranta (OKINLAB) at 29th of January, 2015 in room 0.01, building C3 1.

Within the lecture "Value Engineering", Alessandro Quaranta, founder and CEO of OKINLAB, holds a guest lecture.

  • Speaker: Alessandro Quaranta (OKINLAB GmbH)
  • When? 29th January 2015, 16.15
  • Where? Room 0.01, Building C3 1

The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture & Design Concepts was founded by Nikolas Feth and Alessandro Quaranta and is located in the starter center of Saarland University. Starting point and desire of the founders was to shape living and working environment of humans in a more ergonomic, sustainable, effective and harmonious way. OKINLAB works at the interface between architecture, design, computer science and research. There, the use of advanced digital designs and production methods play a central role. The interdisciplinary OKINLAB team enables an efficient process - from design to implementation.The goal is to bring functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics in line. Alessandro Quaranta presents his business, gives an inside-view into his experiences as founder of a start-up and explains, where challenges and opportunities in building up a start-up.
Alessandro Quaranta is CEO and founder of the Labroratory for Visionary Architecture & Design Concepts. He studied business administration at Saarland University and at Università degli Studi di Siena. He focused on the field of strategy, process and IT-consulting at Saarland University. Based on research in the context of his thesis about quality management as basis of international competitiveness in research and teaching, he developed a quality management system for business incubators and academic spin-offs. From 2009 to 2012, he was lecturer in Business Simulations and speaker at the contact agency for knowledge and technology transfer at Saarland University, especially in the sector technologically-innovative start-up projects.

PDF (2.40 MB)

DA4RBI activity has been nominated as candidate for EIT Innovation Award!

18. Dezember 2014

As part of the DA4RBI-project, we are glad to announce this enjoyable news in which we have contributed by our research activities.

The winner will be selected from the 6 remaining finalist in the end of march.

Der Gewinner wird abschließend im März aus 6 Finalisten gewählt.

Entrepreneur day at Saarland University

17.11.2014, 14:00 Uhr

Prof. Wolfgang Maaß will talk about "Smart Services for a patient-oriented health care" at the entrepreneur day at Saarland University.

Durch dieses Forum für Wirtschaftsvertreter und Wissenschaftler sollen Diskussionen angeregt, die Zusammenarbeit vertieft sowie ein Beitrag zur Entwicklung von Strategien für den Mittelstand geleistet werden.

Der diesjährige Unternehmertag steht unter dem Thema „Aktuelle Aspekte im Mittelstand“. Die thematisch zweigeteilte Veranstaltung umfasst einerseits den Schwerpunkt Rechnungswesen und Abschlussprüfung mit Vorträgen von Herrn Prof. Dr. Alois Paul Knobloch und Herrn WP/StB Prof. Dr. Peter Oser und andererseits den Schwerpunkt Gesundheitswesen und Informatik mit Vorträgen von Herrn Prof. Dr. Martin Dietrich und Herrn Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß.

Nach der Verleihung des Ernst & Young-Förderpreises an Herrn Dr. Eric Huber sind Sie herzlich eingeladen zu Gesprächen bei einem Umtrunk.

Bitte melden Sie Ihre Teilnahme unter folgender E-Mail-Adresse an:

PDF (782 KB)

10EUR Amazon Voucher wants Owner!

November, 2014

Participants in "shopping assistant" study in November wanted (app. 30 min); registration via Doodle.

The study takes place at Saarland University campus in building B4.4. For your participation (app. 30 minutes) you will get a 10EUR Amazon voucher.

Inspection of exams "Innovationsmanagement"

21st of October, 2014

Tuesday, 21st of October, 2014, 10 a.m - 12.a.m., building A5 3, room 2.01 (ISS Chair) (please register via eMail at Mr Martin Jungmann:

Inspection of exams "Informationsmanagement"

21st of October, 2014

Tuesday, 21st of October, 2014, 10 a.m - 4.p.m., building A5 3, room 2.01 (ISS Chair) (please register via eMail at Mrs Nina Fischer:

1st of Octobre, 2014

Prof. Wolfgang Maaß will talk at the event "economy meets science" with the topic "Value Engineering: Developement of products and services for intelligent environments.

September, 2014

Registration for "Value Engineering", "Web Technologies" and "Service Management und Information Systems" in upcoming Winter term is now open.

All lectures consist of theory lecture and exercise (6 CP). Registration is possible until 9th of November, 2014.

24th-26th of September, 2014

Organized by Prof. Wolfgang Maaß (Chair ISS), the 1st Data Science summer school will take place at Saarland University from 24th-26th of September, 2014.

Data Science is one of the hottest topics in research at the moment but accumulates increasing interest in industry as well. Related concepts like cloud computing and big data are well-used in industry and media but they represent only marginal aspects of this fascinating research field.

Besides teaching pure theoretic understanding, the Data Science summer school is intended to facilitate a mathematical and a business-oriented understanding that enables participants not only to understand but also to apply concepts related to Data Science. Described by Thomas Davenport as "sexiest job of the 21st century", the need for Data Scientists will increase dramatically in the coming years. The Data Science summer school targets this topic in order to prepare students accordingly.

Well-known speakers from Europe and the USA introduce the required basic statistical principles, opportunities of data processing as well as Data Science applications in lectures and workshops. Beside lectures and workshops, participants will have the opportunity to get into contact with lecturers and other participants during the social event – a cozy “Saarland barbecue”.

Supported by the graduate program of Saarland University (GradUS), the Data Science summer school addresses all interested Master and PhD students. For more information regarding the event and registration, visit

Winner of University for Children

13th of August

Related to "the bathroom of the future" contest of the university for children on May 14th, a coupon for the climbing park in Saarbrücken has been issued to the winner Benedikt Morawetz.

At the university for children "the bathroom of the future" on May 14th, participant children were asked to submit ideas regarding the intelligent bathroom of the future as a short-story. Out of all submissions, Benedikt Morawetz, who imagined a USB-connectable tooth brush that could store and play music, has been rewarded as the winner of the contest. As a price, a coupon for the climbing park in Saarbrücken has been issued to Benedikt Morawetz.

Summer School "Neuro-IS and R" @ UdS

16th-17th of September, 2014

Get in touch with neuro information systems and data analysis by means of R.

The Neuro-IS and R Summer School will take place on the 16th and 17th of September. The two-day event is aiming at Bachelor- and Masterstudents as well as PhD students. The respective topics are among others related to Neuro Information Systems (Neuro-IS) as mobile applications in retail stores and healthcare, collection of physiological parameters (e.g. skin conductance, field of vision) and an introduction to data analysis with R. The registration can be performed through the respective registration website. The number of participants is limited to 15 people. A certificate of attendance can be issued on request.

July 2014

Prof. Wolfgang Maaß was appointed as a member of task force 1 of the "Zukunftsprojekt 2 (ZP2)" of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (Acatech).

"Smart Service World - Web-based services for the economy" is the working committee for developing strategic recommendations on implementing the second future project of the promoter group "Digital economy and society" of the research union Economy - Science. Under the chairmanship of Henning Kagermann, president of acatech, and Frank Riemensperger, chairman of the executive board of the Accenture plc the working committee is congregating, from March 2013 on, more than 150 representatives from the industry, science, unions, confederations and administrative authorities. The latter discuss, in five cross-sector and cross-disciplin research groups, the opportunities and challenges of smart services „Made in Germany".

Guest Lecture "Nichts geht über ein gutes Schutzschild"

17th of July, 2014

Speaker: Martin Monzel (Lactopia GmbH) When? 17th of July, 2014, 16:15 p.m.
Where? Building B4 1, Room 0.20

What does Iron-Man have to do with a Saarbrücker biotech-start-up? The Lactopia Ltd is specialized in developing, producing novel probiotic products in cosmetic, aliment and medical areas and bringing them to market with distribution partners. Furthermore, the sales and distribution of starter cultures for the aliment industry represents a second pillar for the company. The products and optimizations developed by Lactopia include natural, unchanged micro organisms which support a balanced microbial environment and the health of the consumer.

In the presentation, the scientific backgrounds of the concept are described and the daily worries and hardships of a start-up illustrated.

PDF (2.38 MB)

November 2014

Wolfgang Maaß is a member of the program committee of EKAW 2014.

The 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of eliciting, acquiring, modeling and managing knowledge, and its role in the construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services for the semantic web, knowledge management, e-business, natural language processing, intelligent information integration, etc. The focus of the 19th edition of EKAW will be on "Diversity".

The conference will take place in Linköping, Sweden at Konsert & Kongress from November 24-28, 2014.

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission: July 9, 2014
  • Full Paper Submission: July 16, 2014

Guest Lecture "Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Social - The Big Change in IS"


Speaker: Dr. Wolfram Jost (Software AG) When? Wednesday, 25th of June, 2014; 10:30 a.m. Where? Building B4 1, Room Auditorium Maximum

Currently, the world of information technology is probably in its biggest change since its invention. Nearly every part of our everyday life is affected by this. The sentence "Software is eating the world" encapsulate this development. In the area of corporate IT the traditional implementation architecture is being tested and underlies dramatical changes. The changes are driven by four essentially forces: Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data. Modern application systems are cloud enabled, have a strong social collaboration components, are available on mobile terminal devices and nearly scale linear. The technological instruments like Memory Computing, NoSQL, Hadoop, Event Processing, Real Tim Analytics and Design Thinking play a crucial role.

PDF (2.74 MB)

June 2014

“Home Support of Obese Children and Adolescents by Means of Health Information Technology System: A Pilot Study for a Psychosomatic Based Therapy Concept” gets fPmh award in Basel.

The 3rd yearly congress hosted by Swiss pediatric-society (SGP), Swiss Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Physiotherapy (SGKJPP) and the Children's Surgical Society has awarded the PathMate-Abstract “Home Support of Obese Children and Adolescents by Means of Health Information Technology System: A Pilot Study for a Psychosomatic Based Therapy Concept” by Büchter, D., Kowatsch, T., Brogle, B., Dintheer, A., Wiegand, D., Pletikosa Cvijikj, I., Maass, W., l’Allemand, D. und J. Laimbacher with the fPmh award.

The foederatio Paedo medicorum helveticorum (fPmh), the first lobby for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy awards this prize (CHF 1000) in their annual meeting. Read more about the congress:

May 2014

Online study: participants wanted! 5 EUR Amazon vouchers as compensation.

Within this study that is part of our research project SatIN, we will investigate intentions in sales conversations. First 120 participants that have correctly answered the control questions will receive a 5 EUR Amazon voucher.

Participating in the study will take app. 20 minutes. All data will be analyzed and processed completely anonymized. The results will be used exclusively in a scientific context.

Please, use a desktop PC or a notebook with one of the following browsers for participating in the study: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox. Link to study:

Kids University: Being Gyro Gearloose!

14th of May, 2014

Last Wednesday, Wolfgang Maaß and Klecks Klever welcomed numerous young students to the first lecture of the "Kids University".

Inventors have many ideas and design great products. But where do these ideas come from? Together with Prof. Wolfgang Maaß the students of the university for children of Saarbrücken adressed this question. Developing ideas and be innovative is no matter of age. With examples from real life, Prof. Maaß explained to the children that they only have to think what they want to improve of things from everyday life. The young students became fast inventors themselves with an example of a new toothbrush. Afterwards, Wolfgang Maaß presented the kids a bathroom of the future, which arose from a research project of the chair. After the lecture some children could visit this bathroom.

The children can send their ideas in form of a little story for the intelligent bathroom or other things from everyday life to Prof.Maaß. (via E-Mail to Among the transmittals, a voucher will be raffled for the climbing park in Saarbrücken.

Because of the great crowd at the viewing of the bathroom last wednesday and after multiple demands, there will be one to two extra viewing appointments for the kids, who would want to see the bathroom. Please register for the tour at our employee Nina Fischer

The pictures of the university of children can be seen here

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