Guest Lecture Announcement

Master Defense Talk


Marcel Mutz, will give a presentation of his master thesis to Professor Wolfgang Maaß and other members of the chair on November 25, 2020 at 13:30.

The Topic is "Explainable AI for Industry 4.0: Decision Support Systems in Industrial Production".

Abstract: The current changes in the industry lead to new problems that have to be solved. AI applications must be fully understood in order to use them in a goal-oriented and efficient way. Decision makers must be able to trust the results. This can only be achieved if the models are understandable and comprehensible for every person involved. The literature mainly deals with the application of certain models, but leaves the question of the choice of model unanswered. The thesis deals with the prototypical development of an interpretable framework model for model selection in Industry 4.0, which provides users with an initial assessment of the machine learning model selection by answering questions and uploading the data set. Additionally, the recommendation is justified to ensure the interpretability of the system. First, the current state of the literature regarding interpretable AI and machine learning in the industry is analyzed. The resulting findings serve as a basis for the implementation of an interpretable system in order to create a model recommendation matching the user's specifications and data. For further verification, the system is applied in a case study of material quality. The framework model helps for the first application of machine learning in the company. It is also possible to embed the system as a module in a fully interpretable machine learning system. The overall goal of the work is to establish machine learning in industry, so that ML will be a core competence of industry in the future.