Online-Talk "Creation and Trade of Data Products in Industry 4.0 by Smart Services"

Professor Wolfgang Maaß participated in the online talk "Creation and Trade of Data Products in Industry 4.0 by Smart Services" at the School of Economics und Management, Xidian University 西安电子科技大学.

SPAICER presentation on virtual delegation trip "UK meets Germany"

Professor Wolfgang Maaß participated in his first virtual delegation trip "UK meets Germany", organized by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy).

Master Defense Talk


Mirza Misbah Mubeen Baig, research assistant at the chair, gave a presentation of her master thesis to Professor Wolfgang Maaß, Sabine Janzen and other members of the chair last monday.
The Topic is "Classification of Sensory Data under Resource Constraints".

Information and Service Systems (ISS)

Chair in Business Administration, especially Information and Service Systems at Saarland University deals with the development and management of data-driven services, for instance healthcare. Directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Maaß, the chair investigates how the application of experimental design methods combined with distributed, data analytic approaches lead to adaptive service designs and innovative solutions. This research is conducted in basic and applied research projects in cooperation with leading research and industry partners. Results are applied and validated in industry projects by the research group Smart Service Engineering (SSE) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

You can find us now in buliding A5.4, 2nd floor on the right.

Öksüz, N., & Maass, W.

A Situation-Specific Smart Retail Service Based On Vital Signs, Proceedings of the 41th International Conference on Information Systems, 2020.
PDF (3.62 MB) -

Öksüz, N., & Maass, W.

Data-Driven System for Treatment of Obese Children in Rural Areas, MobileHCI ’20 Workshop: Learning from mHealth Success Stories: Effective Interventions for Marginalised Populations, 2020.
PDF (2.28 MB) -

Xu, S.; Bauer, J.; Axmann, B. & Maaß, W.

CD2 : Combined Distances of Contrast Distributions for the Assessment of Perceptual Quality of Image Processing, POSTER presentation at ISVC'20, 2019.
PDF (6.98 MB) -