3rd European Data Science summer school @ UdS

September 2016

The 3rd Data Science summer school will take place from 26-30 September 2016 at Saarland University.

ISS at UdS Open Campus Day 2016


On 09.07.2016, Saarland University staged an Open Campus Day. Chair ISS invited everyone to participate in a fitness test and introduced the new app SleeGR.

Inspection of Exam IFM

13th of June, 2016

Date for exam inspection "IFM" is published.

Information and Service Systems (ISS)

Chair in Business Administration, especially Information and Service Systems at Saarland University deals with the development and management of data-driven services, for instance healthcare. Directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Maaß, the chair investigates how the application of experimental design methods combined with distributed, data analytic approaches lead to adaptive service designs and innovative solutions. This research is conducted in basic and applied research projects in cooperation with leading research and industry partners. Results are applied and validated in industry projects by the research group Smart Service Engineering (S2E) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

3rd European Data Science Summer School

poster_d3s.jpg Organized by Prof. Wolfgang Maaß (Chair in Information and Service Systems), the 3rd European Data Science Summer School will take place at Saarland University, September 26th-30th 2016. Being one of the hottest topics in research at the moment, Data Science also draws increasing interest in the professional world. Related concepts like cloud computing and big data are well used in industry and media but they represent only marginal aspects of this fascinating area of research. Besides teaching a theoretic understanding, the 3rd European Data Science Summer School at Saarland University is intended to promote a mathematical, legal and a business-oriented approach that enables participants not only to understand but also to apply concepts related to Data Science. National premier speakers from academia and business will be involved in the intensive 5-day training. Participants will benefit from the mix of lectures, hands-on workshops and a poster session leading from understanding of required basic statistical principles to opportunities of data processing as well as to Data Science applications. Social events such as a cozy ‚Saarland barbecue‘ invite lecturers and participants to discuss questions in further detail. After last year’s success, the organizers hope again for a diverse group of interested people from all over Germany and Europe. The 3rd European Data Science Summer School addresses all interested Master and PhD students with a minimal programming skill set. For more information regarding the 3rd European Data Science Summer School, a detailed schedule, and the registration process, please see here.